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My name is Deena and I am the self proclaimed ‘Microwave Maven’.  I’m a married mom to 3 young kids and I love to cook FAST!

Like you up until this year I only used my microwave for melting, zapping, popping and reheating.  I mean who really cooks in that thing?

I learned to reinvent all of my family’s favorite dishes early this year after my husband’s disability required that I no longer use the oven or stove due to safety concerns.

Life’s twists and turns

My husband has Huntington’s Disease, a terminal neuro-degenerative genetic disorder.   It affects his abilities to reason, think and control his movements.  After a few incidents with burns and a small kitchen fire it was time to retire him from being my sous chef.  This was heartbreaking as we both enjoyed making desserts in the kitchen together, his favorite meal of the day.  This also meant having any hot pots or ovens was a safety concern.

Not ‘yo mama’s microwave!

In comes the wonderful Microwave!  After investigating into how the microwave works and how I can actually COOK in it, I instantly fell in love.  Two of my children have life threatening food allergies including, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and legumes.  So buying premade microwave food was out of the question!

As I started making more and more foods I started to share what I learned with those in my Huntington’s Disease community and MicrowaveMadeEasy.com was born!  You’ll learn how to convert your favorite recipes into meals in minutes, which cookware is the best to use and why, and the best recipes for busy people.  You will also learn my best tips for cooking fast (like in a pressure cooker) and prepping your meals as fast as possible.

Sit back, heat up your cup of coffee (in your microwave of course!) and enjoy!





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