How to cook bacon in the microwave: The easy way for a crowd

Microwave BaconI have always prefered bacon that is cooked in the microwave over any other method.  It always comes out so perfect and evenly cooked, no hovering over a spattering skillet to take your eyes off of it one second (because you KNOW that the kids think it is more important that YouTube is not working right now than getting breakfast on the table) to have the whole kitchen go up in a greasy smoke.  It might also be in part to the traumatizing childhood I had when I was sitting the the kitchen counter ‘helping’ my mother with breakfast when I leaned over to reach something, came back upright and yep, there it went, my toe went directly into the hot grease of the bacon in the pan.

Now my mom will tell you I was fine and I did not cook my toe.  I will tell you that I cooked my toe, that I couldn’t walk on it for weeks and I now have a phobia for LIFE when cooking bacon on the stove.  Which is why cooking bacon in the microwave was one of my very first ever things I have always cooked in the microwave.

Why is cooking bacon in the microwave far superior than say cooking it in a skillet or the ever so recently famous, cooking bacon in the oven?  Well I will tell you:

  1. Microwaves are attracted to the fat in the bacon.  This is why you get such a wonderfully even cook on each and every slice of bacon, every time.
  2. CLEAN UP! Paper plate – TOSS!  Paper towels – TOSS!  No more soup cans to pour your grease into at the end of the cooking session.  Don’t even tell me you pour that down your drain!  NO NO NO!
  3. No more bacon cooking in it’s own grease pit.  When you cook bacon on the stove or in the oven it renders the fat out and now you have this bacon sitting in pools of grease, dripping wet.  You have to add yet another pan, plate or tray to let the grease drip away.  Cooking it the way I teach you will allow the grease to be sopped up by the paper towels and instant grease free bacon!  Yipee 🙂

The main attractions of cooking bacon in the oven is that you can do a bunch at one time.  Did you know you can cook an entire package of bacon at one time in the microwave too?  It’s a good thing because my family of 5 will go through one whole pound in one sitting!  You can too, let’s get started!

Grab a paper plate.  I recommend paper as it won’t get hot through the cooking process.  I didn’t have a paper plate, I used a regular plate and if you do this use pot holders as the grease will make the plate searing hot.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Lay one paper towel sheet down.  Put down three slices of bacon spaced evenly.  I found that if you try to do more the bacon will end up flopping off the plate onto the turntable and the paper towel will be dripping with grease.


Next, lay another layer, than another, all the way until you have the entire package layered.  Make sure to end with a top towel covering so that there are no splatters. Microwave bacon for a crowd

Now, depending on your microwave’s wattage it could take anywhere from 1 minute per slice (1100 watt) to 2 minutes per slice (700 watt).  This is where you’ll have to learn your microwave.  If you are unsure then it is always best to underestimate and add time on later as you can’t take time out if you overcooked them.  Start with 45 seconds per slice and see how you do.  I did one whole package on high for 9:30 minutes total.  The thickness of your bacon will also drive how long it will take.  Keep adding in 30 second increments until it is just how you like it.  Remember, even after you take it out of the oven it will continue to cook and get crisp, so leaving it a little less than what you would like is the best advice!

Microwave bacon for a crowd

There you go, Easy Microwave Bacon for a crowd and you didn’t even need a fancy bacon cooking rack either!

All the Best!




P.S. My little munchkin above can eat tons of bacon in one sitting.  Notice how her bacon is more crisp than what is pictured here?  That is the ‘standing’ time where the bacon continues to cook after it comes out of the oven.  Do you want more microwave cooking advice?  Subscribe to my newsletter to get up to date recipes and microwave tips!


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