How to Make Homemade Granola Bars in the Microwave: Easy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Recipe

Crispy, chewy, gooey, chocolaty homemade granola bars!  Easy to make and ‘no bake’!

My three little kids LOVE to snack all day so having snacks on hand to appease their grumbling bellies is a must!  My challenge is to find something that fills them up so that they last at least more than 20 minutes before the next cry for food AND make sure that there are no nuts, peanuts or eggs in the ingredients due to life threatening food allergies.  Most moms have the luxury of grabbing a protein bar or pre-made granola bar from the pantry.  If you’ve never stopped to read the ingredients of a granola bar or ever had to avoid those allergens you wouldn’t even think twice that pretty much every granola bar out there is made with 75% nuts.  If you opt to make your own nearly every recipe out there contains eggs to bind the ingredients together and add more protein.

Homemade Microwave Granola Bars: Quick and Easy!Thankfully I love to cook and I love to search the web for recipes!  I found this recipe on for Easy Granola Bars.  I found this YEARS ago and modified it to make it my own and now I’ve added my trusty microwave to save time, money and keep my hubby safe!

A few notes of the changes I made, the original recipe called for almonds and cranberries.  So if you love those keep them in.  My family is not a fan of dried fruit added into baked goods so I added more chocolate chips.  I increased the amount of coconut as well.  TIP!  Make this recipe any way you like but keep the ratio of add-in’s to about 3 – 3.5 cups of mix ins.  This allows you to mix and match anyway you please to make it your own.  Substitute certified gluten free oats and you’ve got a gluten free treat too!

Easy make your own homemade granola bars in the microwave!


Easy Microwave Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Granola bars Recipe

Onto the recipe!  Follow her ingredients and make any changes to your mix-ins as desired.  Pour everything into the prepared pan as directed.  Now comes the fun microwave part!

Microwave Modification:

  1. Invert a microwavable cereal bowl or saucer like it is pictured above.  This will help elevate baking dish to allow the microwaves to circulate on all sides and the bottom of the dish.
  2. Try and use a glass baking dish.  Microwaves will pass right through glass penetrating the food to do the cooking better.  Be sure to use microwave safe dishes as well.  You can purchase Pyrex brand like mine here on Amazon.
  3. Turn OFF the turntable!  Since we’re using a rectangular pan it will not be able to rotate in your microwave oven.  Be sure to turn off the turntable to avoid the pan from touching the sides of the microwave.  If you cannot do this simply remove the circular glass plate and put your cereal bowl over top, this will prevent it from spinning.
  4. Use small amounts of foil at the corners to prevent burning.  My microwave supports the use of foil and I’m able to do this safely by following the directions.  This will cause the microwaves to bounce off of the foil and away from your food.  The edges will cook simply by the heat caused by cooking the rest of the dish. CAUTION! Most newer microwave ovens support the use of small amounts of foil during cooking.  Check your manufacturer’s instructions prior to using foil in your microwave. Keep the foil smooth, do not let it touch the sides.  Use it according to the directions provided by your manufacturer and you will be fine.  
  5. I cooked my bars in increments of 2 minutes, then rotated.  I did this about 3 times for a total of 6 minutes.  Then I took the dish out and let it rest completely on the flat metal part of the oven.  Don’t put it on a cooling rack or any other surface that will allow air to circulate.  You WANT it to continue to cook to reach the center of the dish.  If you have a heat safe counter-top you can set there.  I just use the metal part of my oven.  Let it rest completely until cooled to the touch.
  6. Cut into granola bar ‘looking’ slices, then put in the refrigerator to harden.  Then separate into baggies and freeze.
  7. Take out a bar or two as needed.  It only takes a minute or two to come to temperature to eat!
  8. Enjoy!

We took these on a recent mini vacation.  It was great to keep them in the mini-fridge and pull them out when needed to fill up hungry tummies at a moment’s notice!  They also served as a breakfast on the go to the beach.  🙂

Happy Zapping!




P.S.  If you only have metal rectangular baking dishes it’s worth it to invest in at least one glass dish.  I use Pyrex as my brand of choice.  You can get them at garage sales or go to my favorite online store Amazon to have it shipped direct!  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get all the latest microwave recipes, tips and tricks delivered to your inbox!

This post contains affiliate links, see my disclaimer.


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