Microwave Cinnamon Rolls: Quick and Easy

Don’t have time for homemade rolls?  Try this quick and easy tip for your microwave!

I love homemade cinnamon rolls.  My best friend and I (in our pre-children days) used to spend days and hours cooking up homemade breads, interesting recipes to pass the time while our husbands were deployed on the ship with the US Navy.  She is fabulous at taking simple ingredients and whipping up yummy tasting foods.

One of the yummiest things was homemade cinnamon rolls, I mean from scratch, yeast, rising, rolling etc.  With nothing but time on our hands this was an option.  Fast forward nearly 20 years now, one full time demanding career, 3 young kids in tow and a disability preventing safe use of the oven and homemade rolls are not in my immediate future.

But that’s okay!  While myself and my husband can appreciate the flavors of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, our kids (with their tastebuds only recognizing sugar at their age) really don’t care!  When they are hungry they want it NOW and no amount of whining will make the food cook faster.

In comes my trusty microwave!  In about 30 -45 seconds flat (1100 watts) you can have fluffy, gooey, sugary yummy cinnamon rolls!

I can't believe how easy it was to make fluffy cinnamon rolls in the microwave!

How to make Microwave Cinnamon Rolls: Quick and Easy

What you need:

1 pkg refrigerated cinnamon rolls – I used Pillsbury brand

Paper plate

Paper towel

Open up the cinnamon roll tube.  Place a paper towel on the paper plate.  Note: Paper plate is easier to clean up, if you use a dinner plate adjust your time a bit after the first group as the plate will already be hot. Arrange the rolls in a circular fashion, leave about an inch space between to allow for expansion.  Microwave on high for 30-45 seconds.  I have a 1100 watt oven, add more time if your oven is less.  The rolls are ready if they are springy to the touch.  They will not brown and be careful to not overcook.  If they are firm then they will be hard as a rock once they rest!

Tip! If there is a bit of glossy uncooked dough on the top or sides let them stand outside the oven first to see if they will continue cooking.  If after a minute they are still not cooked then put back in for 10-20 seconds.


I found this to come in handy when we recently went on vacation and stayed in a cabin with only a microwave.  To keep from eating cereal every morning I popped these into the microwave super quick and reheated some of my bulk bacon I made ahead of time for the trip for a quick and easy breakfast.  Next time I’ll try using my browning dish to get a crisp bottom like the oven.  I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Until next time, Happy Zapping!




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